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Boris L. Berezovsky

of the Philharmonic Society of Saint Petersburg

Boris L. Berezovsky

Boris Berezovsky was born on 10 June 1947. He graduated from Leningrad State Conservatory named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, class of pianoforte.

B.L. Berezovsky worked as a supervisor of musical schools in Head Department of Culture in Ispolkom of Lensoviet (Executive Committee of Leningrad Workers' Council). He published his works as a musical observer. In 1989 - 1995 he founded and headed the musical and theatrical herald Antrakt. Since 1990 he is a Director of printing and publications centre Kult-Inform-Press.

Since 1992 he was an Executive Secretary of the Philharmonic Society of Saint Petersburg. After A.P. Petrov's death in 2006 he was elected as a President of the Society.

Since 2004 Boris Leonidovich is an Executive Secretary of Composers' Union in Saint Petersburg.

He is a general producer of festivals Andrey Petrov in a Circle of Friends, Classics and the Future, The Creation of the World Proceeds, St.Petersburg Musical Spring, musical festival The Earth of Children, All-Russian Competition of Composers named after A.P. Petrov.

B.L. Berezovsky is a Candidate of Pedagogical Science (PhD), professor. He is an honored worker of culture of Russian Federation (1996), an honored art worker of Russian Federation (2003), recipient of the Prize of Saint Petersburg Government in the field of Literature, Art and Architecture, a recipient of Honorary Prize of Russian Society of Authors For Contribution to Progress of Science, Culture and Art.

Boris Leonidovich is the author of the following books 'Philharmonic Society of Saint Petersburg (History and Modernity)' (2002) and 'Essay on the Activities of the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Society. 2002 - 2007' (2008).