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All of Beethoven's Sonatas

Beethovens piano sonatas represent one of the most valuable parts of the heritage left to us by the genius composer. The extensive cycle of 32 sonatas covering the period of 1794 to 1822 is a genuine chronicle of the author's spiritual life.
As academician B.V. Asafyev has once rightfully noted, "Beethovens sonatas reflect an entire life of a human being. No emotional states seem to have escaped dynamic musical expression; no intimate conflicts got overlooked... Read more...

In memory of Van Cliburn. Farewell to the legend

The saddest news about Van Cliburns death, which came on February 27, 2013 didnt arouse any special reaction neither in our Mass Media, nor among our music maestros. In general, the world of musicians didnt turn upside down. As the phrase goes, its a pity, but nothing can be done: 79 years old is a rather respectable age, and the disease is uncured bones cancer.
As is customary, information channels reminded that it was the most talented pianist, who won in the 1st Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow in 1958. They showed on TV some of his famous photos taken 55 years ago, in which one could see a smiling, charming young man with bushy hair, and even found some short video fragments of his performances, which survived by a miracle. Also they recollected the fact that involuntarily this rather young musician contributed to the lessening of tension between the USSR and the USA. And that was all.
But why so little information? Why?!